Welcome! This website will introduce my research in inspection and metrology.

My Research Interests: Inspection and Metrology application including

  • Automation,
  • Visual Surveillance,
  • Anomalies Detection,
  • Social Signal Processing,
  • Large-scale/Big Data Analysis,
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems,
  • Dental Implant Technology in Medical Imaging,
  • Ancient Textile Weaving Technique in Digital Social Science.



IS&T Electronic Imaging, 28 Jan – 1 Feb, 2018, Burlingame, California, U.S.A.
Intelligent Robotics & Industrial Applications using Computer Vision

Final Duedate: September 10, 2017 (Sunday)
2 types of submission:
(1) Presentation with publication & (2) without publication: both 500-word abstract

Awards: Best Paper Award, Best Student Paper Award

Conference Topics:

  • Mobile mapping
  • Computational attention
  • Non-classical sensing, sensor fusion
  • Active vision and real-time techniques
  • Object modeling and recognition for robotic vision
  • Tracking and scene analysis for intelligent vehicles
  • Novel hardware designs / vision system architectures
  • Intelligent packaging, processing, and material handling
  • Autonomous multi-vehicle collaboration (including UAVs)
  • Image understanding and scene analysis for intelligent robots
  • High-throughput systems for medical or biological applications
  • Robotic aids for the elderly, health, education and transportation
  • Pattern recognition and image processing for computer vision and robotics
  • Segmentation for object location and obstacle avoidance for intelligent robots
  • Physical, thermal, color, and/or spectroscopic imaging algorithms and applications
  • Computer vision algorithms and applications for industry, intelligent robots, surveillance
  • Machine vision for process control/diagnosis, trend analysis, or preventative maintenance
  • 3D vision: modeling, representation, perception, processing, and recognition; predictive 3D vision
  • Cognitive learning strategies and systems (intelligent robots that adapt, learn, and manage complexity)
  • Machine vision applications for industrial research and development, inspection in harsh environments
  • Intelligent mobile robot methods and advancements (tracking, scene analysis, path planning, obstacles)


My favorite quotes:

“There is always room for improvement.”  – Anonymous

心如工畫師,能畫諸世間,五蘊悉從生,無法而不造 。 <<華嚴經>>