Codes & Data

A. Code Sharing

(1) Image Decomposition Method [MATLab codes]

1. M.K. Ng, H.Y.T. Ngan, X. Yuan and W. Zhang,”Patterned Fabric Inspection and Visualization by the Method of Image Decomposition,” IEEE Trans. Automation Science & Engineering, vol. 11, no. 3, pp. 943-947, 2014.

Please read ID-Method_Codes_ReadMe.txt before you use the codes. Thanks Dr. W. Zhang for contributing most of the codes.

(2)  Elo Rating Method [MATLab codes]

2. C.S.C. Tsang, H.Y.T. Ngan and G.K.H. Pang, “Fabric Inspection based on the ELO Rating Method,” Pattern Recognition, vol. 51, pp. 378-394, 2016.

Please check readme.txt before the usage. Thanks Colin for the codes.

Remarks: MATLab codes for Wavelet preprocessing golden subtraction, Bollinger bands, Regular bands are coming soon.

B. Databases Sharing

B1. Patterned textures

Please click the links below to download.

(1) Dot-patterned fabric database

(2) Box-patterned fabric database

(3) Star-patterned fabric database

Please read the “Sharing regulations” before the usage of the databases.


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